Regata Arrastão

Camiseta regata de tela arrastão preta.






100% poliamida


Regata Arrastão

R$ 109,00 Preço normal
R$ 87,20Preço promocional

    Perguntas Frequentes

    About Fee - Structure / Payment

    What is mode of payment for fee deposition?

    Ans – You can pay by cheque or also make online payment through NEFT/RTGS or net banking.

    Can I pay my fee in four installments or monthly?

    Ans – No only you can pay Fee in two installments.

    I am eligible for ZEST scholarship how much amount do I have to pay after deducting scholarship?

    Ans – Amount decided after scholarship test criteria.

    My child is not well and would not be able to continue his class at ZEST. Can I send refund request through email or refund application form?

    Ans – To visit our website- and observe refund rule criteria. Fill refund form and submit in our office.

    What is the minimum amount I have to pay to confirm my admission at ZEST?

    Ans – You will have to pay at least first installment to confirm your admission at ZEST.

    Gostou do modelo, mas não encontrou disponível em estoque no momento?

    Nos informe! Se ele retornar, você será o primeiro a saber.

    Quero, mas não tem!

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