Harness Suspender Leopard

Harness da collab Marcelo Bonito + Bold.

Formado por tiras de dupla camada de couro 100% legítimo com estampa de leopardo e costura de reforço nas extremidades. Fivelas para ajuste e metais em banho ônix.

Tórax: 82 - 112 cm

Harness Suspender Leopard

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  • - Não guarde os acessórios empilhados.

    É importante guardar os acessórios sempre esticados, pois se dobrados podem surgir marcas e deformações no couro.

    - Não deixe sua peça exposta ao sol.

    O sol contribui para o desbotamento e ressecamento do couro.

    - Limpe com pano úmido.

    Não utilize produtos de limpeza, pois eles podem manchar o couro.

    - Não seque com ar quente.

    Caso molhe, tire o excesso com pano seco e deixe secar naturalmente na sombra, pois o ar quente deforma e resseca o couro.

    - Hidrate sua peça.

    Uma ou duas vezes por ano aplique hidratante específico para couro ( você pode encontrar em lojas de sapatos ), dessa forma sua peça terá mais durabilidade.

Perguntas Frequentes

What will I need before I can start my driving lessons?

Before you can legally learn to drive in the UK you will need to have a valid provisional licence and you must be atleast 17 years old.

Can I learn to drive before I have passed my theory test?

Yes, you can begin your driving lessons as long as you have a valid provisional licence and you are at least 17 years old. It is recommended that you study for your theory test while also learning to drive, this way you can implement your knowledge in your practical driving.

How should I apply for my provisional licence and what will I need?

The fastest was to apply for your provisional licence is by applying online at the .GOV website. You will need a proof of identity such as a passport, your addresses for the past 3 years and also your national insurance number if you know it. It costs £34 for an online application and it usually takes around a week unless the DVLA have to carry out additional checks. You can also apply via post, for this you will need a D1 form which you can get from the Post Office. It costs £43 for a postal application, you will need to include a cheque or postal order made payable to the DVLA and you will need to include an original form of identity. Postal applications usually take around 3 weeks - it would be wise to send the postal application as recorded delivery so that your identiy documents aren't lost in the post. For more information regarding identity documents click here.

How many lessons do you need to pass your driving test in the UK?

There isn't a minimum number of lessons that you will need before taking your driving test, however, it is advised that a professional driving instructor has assessed your driving standard before booking your driving test. The national average requirement in the UK is 47 hours of instruction with a professional driving instructor and also 20 hours of practice in a private vehicle. The number of lessons that you will need will depend on your individual ability, some learners can get to test standard within a few lessons and some take longer. Click here for a rough guide as to how many lessons you are likely to need.

Is it quicker to pass in an automatic or manual vehicle and which one would be best for me?

It is definitely quicker to pass in an automatic vehicle as you don't have to worry about mastering the gears and cluctch control etc. It will also be easier to manage hill starts, junctions on hills and manoeuvres. The only down side to learning in an automatic vehicle is that you will be restricted to driving automatic vehicles only. With a manual drivers licence you will be able to drive both if the need ever arises. I would suggest that you have a go at learning in a manual vehicle first and then ask the instructor to give you their honest opinion and recommendation. If you have struggled to get to grips with the gears and clucth control then it may be an idea to give an automatic vehicle a go.

What to expect on your first driving lesson?

Assuming that you are a complete beginner you will spend part of your frst lesson becoming familiar with the controls, making sure that you are comfortable and that you have correctly adjusted your mirrors. Part of the first lesson is also spent establishing the correct procedures for moving away and pulling in next to the curb. You will probably practice pulling away and stopping a few times in addition to working on clucth control. If you have had some driving experience your instructor will have to assess your driving ability and start at an appropriate place depending on your current driving ability and experience.

Can I learn to drive in my own vehicle?

As long as your vehicle is taxed, has a valid MOT certificate and appropriate learner insurance is in place you may learn to drive in your own vehicle. You will have to ensure 'L' Plates are visible on the back and the front of your vehicle. Most driving instructors are happy to instruct you in your own vehicle but its advised that you start using the instructors vehicle until you have reached a level of competence as you will not have dual controls in your own vehicle. You may also ask a friend or a family member to accompany you, make sure that the person accompanying you has held a UK driving licence for at least 3 years and they must be 21 years or older.

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